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Half the volume, twice the performance

Our new Dynalite hybrid carbon board delivers dedicated strapless freestyle performance with explosive pop. Thinner, more durable and even more responsive for 2022, this ultra-light, low volume shape has evolved to help you execute your most impressive tricks in every condition. Compact in size and very grabbable, we've designed the Comp to stick with you through every manoeuvre and pop on-demand. Higher jumps. Cleaner landings. New fast-release tail channels aid grip and control when launching freestyle tricks. The new full-length longitudinal bottom channel with centreline-V and smooth, progressive rocker design combines to reduce bounce on hard, fast landings – making strapless landings easier to stick. Push beyond your limits with the Comp, your competitive edge.

מידות: 5.0inch   5.2inch   4.10inch
כולל: בורד, חרבות ואסטרודק
צבע: שחור

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"You have way more control – tricks I was only able to do at 35knots, I can now do in 20knots. Everything is easier." – Camille Delannoy

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5.0', 5.2', 5.4'